Easy Fundraising really is EASY!!!!!!!!

Since the PTFA was formed last October we have looked at different methods in order to raise money for our school. We discovered that a previous school PTA had set up our own Mill Rythe Infant Easy Fundraising page so we re-launched it. We have just received confirmation of our first quarter which was up until the end of December and the school will be receiving £127 just from our shopping donations!!!!!! Huge thanks to all those people who have been using the page when purchasing their goods online, it really is a simple way of raising money for our school. Currently we only have 45 member signed up to the page, however not all these accounts are active as some will be from the original set up. Imagine the success we would have if more people signed up and began to use it when shopping online. Here is what new members need to do.

  1. Sign Up. It only takes 2 minutes to fill in the registration form. www.easyfundraising.org.uk/millrythe
  2. Start Shopping. There are around 3000 different retailers partnered with Easy Fundraising who will make a donation to our school once you have purchased.
  3. See your donations add up. Donations may only be small amounts, however they soon add up.
  4. Many retailers can be used from Amazon, John Lewis,Groupon and even eBay just take a look. Numerous holiday companies are also members so our school could receive a donation when booking your holiday online if you sign in through the easy Fundraising website.

You can download an Easy Fundraising App on your phone or tablet to make online shopping even easier. The key rule is to sign into Easy Fundraising first and then be directed to your chosen retailer. That way you can guarantee that any goods purchased will be eligible for a school donation.

To sign up please use the link  www.easyfundraising.org.uk/millrythe Lets get fundraising!


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